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SkyDrive - Classic Instruments

From Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments Electronic Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Sending Unit.

Finally there is no longer a need for ECU convertors or pulse signal generators that need to be screwed right onto your transmission and take up precious space and clutter your set up. This new Sky Drive Electronic Speedometer Sending Unit, from Classic Instruments, uses GPS satellite signals to operate your electronic speedometer accurately and remotely!

This Classic Instruments Electronic Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Sending Unit is easily installed and has 5, clearly marked wires for a simple, straightforward installation. It is recommended to leave the wiring harness long to allow for repositioning in case the Sky Drive does not perform well enough and needs to be moved from the first chosen position. Once a good location is established, you can then permanently mount the device and be confident you’ll be getting accurate, smooth readings.

Now you can calibrate your speedometer faster than ever before and you won’t even have to leave your driveway to do so! The Sky Drive is the world’s most accurate electronic speedometer sending unit and you can get yours today and start experiencing the advantages and benefits this accuracy and reliability. This sending unit updates a remarkable 10 times per second and is ready to go with one simple push of a button!

Tech Tip: Be sure to follow the included instructions carefully!

* The best possible mounting location for the Sky Drive is anywhere inside the car where it will have a clear view of the sky. This will guarantee a good satellite signal and trouble free speedometer operation.
* The best way to determine if a mounting location is adequate for the Sky Drive is to test it for an entire day and make sure the speedometer operation is smooth, accurate and uninterrupted.

Classic Instruments SkyDrive
 Was $250.00
 Sale!  $232.50
Sky Drive Electronic Speedometer Sending Unit GPS
/ Kit