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Spline Drive Lug Nuts - Closed End

From Billet Specialties, Inc.

Spline Drive Lug Nuts - Closed End

Spline Drive lug nuts are specifically recommended for our Bonneville, Altered and Lobeck wheel styles. Billet Specialties Lug Nuts are the perfect necessity for your new billet wheels, each lug nut is manufactured from the highest quality materials. Seat surface, plating, thread machining and identification are quality controlled through every step of manufacturing ensuring your safety while looking good.

Sold in packs of 10, socket key included.

Tech Tip: When mounting wheels every stud must be long enough for your lug nuts to thread onto it a length equal to the diameter of the stud.

Example: If using 1/2" thread diameter studs, the lug nut must engage at least 1/2" of the stud.

NOTE: Use a torque wrench to sequentially tighten them in the recommended star pattern, and re-torque after 50 & 100 miles.

Unless otherwise stated, use these torque specs:

7/16" Conical Seat Lug Nuts     70-80 ft/lbs
1/2"   Conical Seat Lug Nuts     75-85 ft/lbs

 Only  $25.00
Spline Drive Lug Nuts - Closed End 1/2-20
/ Pack

 Only  $25.00
Spline Drive Lug Nuts - Closed End 7/16-20
/ Pack

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