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GPS Speed/ Compass Sender

From Dakota Digital
GPS Speed/ Compass Sender

At last, a GPS Speed sensor which can be considered something more. GPS technology offers many benefits in today’s world: accurate speed information, precise location tracking, repeatable information, and so much more. When Dakota Digital set out to create a GPS receiver, it was never to create just a means of driving a speedometer, but rather to extract as much useful information as possible, making the value of the product unlike anything else available.

The GPS-50-2 was completely Designed and Built in the USA, specifically made for the custom automotive market and the unique challenges which exist. Highly advanced electronic and software design allow the GPS-50-2 to work unlike anything else, with accelerometers and predictive software to compensate for times when GPS inherently struggles: overpasses, mountains, tunnels, heavy tree cover, large buildings, passing large vehicles, etc. Unique electronic architecture provides for negligible current usage when off, yet lightning fast start-up and signal acquisition. Updating the speed information 10 times per second provides tremendous accuracy, while the integrated omni-directional antenna provides for a wide range of installation flexibility.
Want to use the GPS-50-2 to activate a cruise controI system?  No problem!  A cruise control system requires a great deal of resolution and accuracy, so adding the 600041 external antenna will allow you to optimize the antenna mounting, while placing the GPS-50-2 receiver anywhere you like!

When used in conjunction with a Dakota Digital VFD3 or VHX Instrument system, a simple connection to the control box adds accurate Speed information, Compass heading, Altimeter data, and automatic Clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration! No DIP switches, no guessing, no inaccuracies, period.

An Outside Air Temperature display is a common feature of many modern vehicles, why not display this within your Dakota Digital Instrument system?  Simply add a SEN-15-1 sensor to the GPS-50-2 input and you're done!

The GPS-50-2 is also fully compatible with other aftermarket electronic speedometers. Offering a user selectable output of 4k, 8k, 16k PPM signals and a selectable signal type of a Sine Wave or Square Wave, the flexibility is endless. While the GPS-50-2 is not designed to control a shift computer or shift pattern of the transmission, it is capable of supplying a 54,400 or 128K PPM signal to supply an ECM to ease some of those unique transmission swap situations!

The GPS-50-2 measures in at an easy-to-hide size of 4-3/4”x2-3/4”x1”, and is completely covered by a two-year warranty.

Compatible Dakota Digital instrument systems consist of all VHX Hybrid Digital/Analog system, as well asVFD3 systems with a BIM-compatible black plastic control module.  Earlier instrument systems with an aluminum control module will not be capable of the BIM connectivity, however can be used with the GPS-50-2 for obtaining an accurate speedometer signal.

**GPS-50-2 Supersedes the GPS-50-1

NOTE: The GPS-50-2 has a built in antenna that will pick up GPS signals even when mounted under your dash - but external antenna 600041 will cure reception problems and/or increase the stability of your speedometer if needed. (see below)

Optional External GPS Antenna
Optional External GPS Antenna

This optional Antenna enhances the reception of your system. You can place it in an area where it has a clear view of the sky, such as your package tray, window, roof, etc.

This external antenna is not required for the GPS-50-2 sender to work... The GPS-50-2 has a built in antenna that will pick up GPS signals even when mounted under your dash - but this external antenna will cure reception problems and/or increase the stability of your speedometer if needed.

It is required for if you are using the GPS-50-2 sender to supply a signal to your cruise control.

 Was $199.95
 Sale!  $189.95
GPS Speed/ Compass Sensor/ BIM

 Was $19.95
 Sale!  $18.95
Optional GPS External Antenna for GPS-50-2

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